REVEALED – Trump Leaks the Secret Reason He’ll Win in a HUGE Landslide

If you have seen these polls where Hillary Clinton is up by ten points or more, then you need to realize a number of things. First of all, there is no reason to panic, and secondly, there is a secret reason why Trump will not only defeat Hillary Clinton but will do so in a landslide.

Have you ever wondered why the race seems close in one poll and then a landslide for Clinton in others? It is because Trump has a “secret support” among white males when the poll is done in an anonymous online fashion, per Washington

During the Democratic convention, a well-known pollster agreed, saying simply that there is indeed a “secret Trump vote.”

Kellyanne Conway said the hidden vote is when the anonymous online polls are counted. The discrepancy between the vote is clear—Hillary has more support from polls where people have to identify themselves, such as over-the-phone polls.

“The Reuters poll, which is an online poll, where Donald Trump is three points behind Hillary Clinton nationally, and I think that the important point to note there is that when you have online polls as opposed to telephone polls, Mr. Trump tends to do better, and that’s because the online polls approximate the ballot box, where you’re issuing your vote privately,” Conway said.

Interestingly enough, this phenomenon has also been noticed on the other side as well. Democratic pollster Celinda Lake has noticed this trend, and she was so adamant about it she even found it upsetting.

“I worry that there is a bit of a secret Trump vote,” Lake said. “The pattern is in the online surveys, even if you control for demographics, Trump does three to nine points better than in telephone surveys. So, it really does suggest that there is a secret vote for Donald Trump.”

Conway even mentioned that the internal polls the Trump campaign has conducted show a much tighter race in swing states than what is reported by the liberal media.

In other words, don’t let the media sell you a bill of goods. The race is still neck-and-neck.

Donald Trump has an extremely great shot at becoming our next president.

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