BREAKING: Trump Woke To Find Huge Surprise 6 Months Into Presidency

As President Trump wakes up a full half-year into his presidency, he was greeted by a MASSIVE list of accomplishments that make Americans across the nation proud.

The list is huge! According to the Gateway PunditAmericans from all walks of life are living better lives thanks to Trump’s work as President (and no thanks to the obstructionist Dems and RINOs in Congress). The economy, jobs, and national security are through the roof!

First, there’s President Trump’s brief but amazing record on jobs. He has truly kept his promise to be the greatest jobs President America has ever had! The Dems can’t argue with this. The numbers speak for themselves.

In his first six months, Trump has overseen the creation of 1,027,000 jobs. Just compare that to Obama, who was responsible for the loss of nearly 4 million jobs in the first six months of his presidency. There’s no competition!

The employment/unemployment figures are just as impressive. The unemployment rate has already gone down from 4.8% to 4.4%. Not surprisingly, Obama was bad for employment. He INCREASED the unemployment rate each month of his first six months, taking it from 7.8% to 9.5% between January and June 2009.

Everyday Americans are feeling the improvement in their standard of living. With better jobs and more money, people are buying more homes. The average house is on the market for just 45 days right now. Compare that to 84 days under Obama!

And inflation is on the run! Thank goodness. Democrats and fake Republicans have been letting inflation run rampant for years. Thanks to Trump, inflation is at an eight-month low of 1.6%. Astounding!

The debt is also coming down–finally! Since his inauguration, President Trump has brought the debt down by a whopping $103 billion! He’s saving America from financial ruin. Obama, on the other hand, raised the debt by nearly $1 trillion in his first six months alone!

The stock market, to which many people’s retirement is tied, has been enormously bolstered under President Trump. Since he was elected, the DOW daily closing stock market average has gone up by 18%. The stock market has been reaching all-time-high after all-time-high. While the Dems rage about Russia, they ignore how good the economy is doing!

When the stock market grows, that means businesses are booming. New jobs are being created. Americans’ investment funds grow. Everyone is doing better.  Right now is a great time to live in the United States! And thanks to Trump, illegal immigration is down by nearly 70%. That means Americans–not illegal aliens–are reaping the benefits of this historic economic growth.

Trump has improved our economy by shredding the regulatory state. Trump signed an Executive Order requiring the elimination of two regulations for every new one added. But he’s gone above and beyond this 2-to-1 rule. It’s actually been 16-to-1. He’s cut 860 regulations!

Then there’s the approval of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which will lower gas prices and make us energy independent. There’s the trashing of TPP and the Paris Climate Accord. Trump has even gotten NATO members to pay up an additional $10 billion of their fair share.

Thanks to President Trump, we are on the verge of a new era of American greatness. “Prosperity” is the word. Finally, Americans can look forward with hope for a better future. And this is just the first six months. I can’t wait to see what the next seven-and-a-half years will bring!

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