WATCH – Trump Just Won MILLIONS of Votes With THIS Surprise Announcement

Donald Trump showcased his commitment to women and American families when unveiling his childcare proposal policy and related tax cuts. While Hillary has consistently scored low with married women, Trump’s new policy will further court American moms, single or married, right into his corner.

Trump’s plan will offer relief to stay-at-home moms and a massive tax rebate to their working spouse, but it will also provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to all women even if such a benefit is not offered by their employer.

Ivanka Trump joined her father at the podium when he released his cost-effective plan to aid American families and young children.

The Republican’s eldest daughter has been a driving force behind the candidate’s family-friendly plan.

“For many families in our country, childcare is now the single largest expense — even more than housing. Our plan will bring relief to working and middle class families,” Donald Trump said.

Hillary Clinton has never once uttered a word of support for or assistance to stay-at-home moms.

The social and cultural decay in the United States would be at least somewhat thwarted if more moms who wanted to stay home with their children could afford to.

Liberals should be applauding Donald Trump’s tax breaks for middle class families, but of course they are not.

Hillary Clinton surrogates are blasting him for not offering a plan that includes paid parental leave for men and are claiming it took him far too long to come up with a policy to help families.

Unlike Hillary’s thin plan to help poor and middle class families, Donald Trump’s plan does not add a financial burden on job creators.

Sure, it would be nice to offer “free” preschool for every single four-year-old in American, but the teachers, janitors, and bus drivers of the child care centers will not work without getting paid, and Hillary plans on increasing taxes to cover the expense.

I am very tired of being my brother’s keeper and witnessing liberals coerce more and more Americans into being dependent on the federal government, which has far surpassed the size and authority intended by our Founding Fathers.

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