WATCH – Trump’s New ‘Drain the Swamp’ Video Has Hillary FREAKING OUT! She’s Done!

Donald Trump’s new campaign video is short and to the point, and it will quickly go viral. Hillary Clinton is the epitome of a career politician and has been treading water in the “swamp” for decades. She is not capable of bringing about the change we need.

The “Drain the Swamp” video showcases exactly what is wrong with Washington D.C. and who it will take to fix it. Donald Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, is not embedded in the status quo nor is he owned by the Wall Street donor class and party elites.

“We have to break the cycle of corruption, and we have to give new voices to change,” Donald Trump said. “It is indeed time to drain the swamp in Washington.”

The “drain the swamp” phrase first gained national notoriety when far-left liberal Nancy Pelosi uttered it after Barack Obama won the election in 2008. Pelosi, of course, feels the swamp dwellers were all members of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump’s authentic outsider status is our last chance to get things right in Washington. If he loses, no other non-career politician will ever get such a real shot at winning the White House again.

Trump has proven time and again he is willing to take on folks in both political parties. His allegiance is to the Constitution, the country, and the American people.

Hillary Clinton puts herself first, her deep-pocket donors second, party third, and, in last place, the American people and this once great nation. Our country’s highest office should not be for sale to the highest bidder, and that is exactly what we will see happen if Hillary is allowed back inside the White House.

Donald Trump believes the level of corruption sparked and engaged in by the Clintons has been worse than the Watergate scandal created by Richard Nixon. He is oh so right about that.

Nixon was forced out of office for wire tapping his opponent’s campaign office. Hillary has done far worse—repeatedly.

Clinton mishandled classified material, lied about it, and placed our national security and the lives of those who work to protect us at great risk.

She effectively sentenced four brave Americans to death in Benghazi and left at least a dozen more lives in peril while she went to take a nap during the radical Islamic terror attack. She turned the State Department into an ATM machine for the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump’s draining the swamp plan included a five-year ban on lobbying by former government officials, members of Congress, and members of their staff. He would also ban lobbyists from foreign governments from raising money in America. Trump would also expand the classification of lobbyists to include both “consultants and advisers” because we all know folks roaming around Washington D.C. with such labels on their business cards are really just lobbyists anyway.

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