Trump’s MAJOR Shift On Sharia Law Has Obama And The Muslim Brotherhood FURIOUS

Pres. Obama is known for his sympathy for the Islamic faith, from the Muslim people to even the jihadists and militants within them. And I bet he would love to have Sharia Law in America. Last year, Obama stated that Muslim families “should be allowed to enforce their own customs and beliefs as mandated by their religion.”

However, Donald Trump has let the administration know that any signed executive orders that allow Islamic practices to have jurisdiction over legal matters in America will be considered unconstitutional, and he plans to make it so. I bet Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood are fuming, via Snoopack.

Obama thinks that the law of a religion should be more important than the laws of the United States, and that makes absolutely zero sense. By that logic, Mormons could be legally married to all of their wives instead of having one legal marriage and other “spiritual” wives.

But with Obama, religious exceptions would probably only count with Islam. Like everything else, Islam would take precedence over any other religion or people because that’s the way Obama treats this country. You’re not on his radar unless you practice Islam.

Corey Lewandowski, a Trump insider, supposedly told CNN that the president-elect is not going to put up with any religion that isn’t welcome by the majority of Americans having influence over the rule of law.

“The only religion worthy of influencing laws in America is Christianity. Our country is a nation of laws that were established by God-fearing men who would turn over in their graves if a judge had to give custody to a father instead of a mother who was more fit simply because a pagan book says it should be so,” Trump allegedly said.

Finally, we are going to have a president who is willing to stand up for this country and continue what our forefathers believed and fought for this country to be. This country is not about being “politically correct;” it’s about being free to practice whatever you believe.

Muslim women suffer under Sharia Law, and to have them unable to escape it even in America is an atrocious concept. What’s next? Will husbands be able to execute their wives for their wrongdoings and not be penalized for it under American law?

Christianity was the religion that helped found this government, and even then it is not a huge, integral part of our justice system. Why? Because the Bible is old and the laws back then, such as crucifying people and stoning them to death, do not coincide with the laws of today.

Many people do not believe in God, and the justice system works perfectly fine for them. Our system is universal for anyone of any religion or belief. And Islam should not be given special treatment just because Obama wishes to give them preference.

Thankfully, we elected Donald Trump, who is a proud American who will not only keep the good systems we have but throw out all of the bad ones Obama implemented. Our president-elect has vowed to make America great again, and we need to trust that he is going to do it.

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