WATCH – Video Released to EXPOSE Hillary’s Corruption – Hillary Wants It GONE!

The biggest Achilles heel Hillary Clinton has going into the November election is that an overwhelming majority of Americans think she is a liar. In poll after poll, over 60 percent of respondents – likely voters, registered voters, and rank-and-file Americans – believe Clinton is not trustworthy.

A new video produced by the America Rising PAC cobbles together a damning montage of statements – some by Clinton and others by the elite pundits – that chronicle her dishonesty where her abuse of classified information is concerned. The video proves beyond doubt that Clinton not only lied, but she sought to deceive the public about her lies. As one pundit puts it, “How do you have a private email server as Secretary of State and scrub it…and I’m going to believe you? You think the American public is that stupid?”

And while the video presents a damning indictment of Clinton’s pathological dishonesty—and while the FBI investigation clearly presented evidence to indict her over the email scandal—Hillary Clinton walks free. It’s as if she can lie at will, and the establishment elite couldn’t give a damn.

If this video proves the point that Hillary Clinton lied about her handling of classified documents—and her attempts to cover up that she knew exactly what she was doing—then several more need to be made on additional topics where Mrs. Clinton has sought to deceive the nation.

The Wikileaks emails that are being dumped with regularity are proving that Clinton was the chief architect of the US Libyan policies under the Obama Administration. And yet, as the policies exist as a monumental failure of foreign policy, she attempts to point fingers of blame at Barack Obama.

One email about the Libyan policies went so far as to crow about how Clinton was not only the architect but the sole architect. That she and she alone crafted policies from the toppling of Qadhafi to the inadequate security measures in Benghazi.

Perhaps the America Rising PAC needs to make one on Benghazi – though it would be hard to beat the book 13 Hours and the movie of the same name in chronicling just how Clinton abandoned Americans calling for help as they faced death at the hands of Islamofascists.

One video I would like to see produced is one on the claim that Clinton was chiefly involved in an unauthorized and clandestine effort to transfer weapons to Islamofascist rebels in Libya. Credible sources are starting to suppose that was the reason Amb. Chris Stevens and his security team were in Benghazi in the first place.

I would also like to see a comprehensive video on Hillary Clinton’s health since her 2012 fainting spell that left her with a blood clot to her brain. Many medical and psychological experts have said the odd expressions, reactions, and almost seizure-like actions she has displayed in public since very well could be a side effect of brain injury. Recent still shots of Clinton needing help climbing stairs lend credibility to these claims.

That the no- and low-information voter demographic possesses a sitcom mentality of immediate resolution and the attention span of a gnat’s ass hitting a windshield at 175 mph shot videos like this are exquisite for getting the point across.

As the black demographic becomes enlightened to the lies of the Democrat Party, should no- and low-information voters begin to abandon Clinton—well, then the era of the Clinton lie can be relegated to the ash heap of history once and for all…that is until Chelsea gets the political bug.

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