BOMBSHELL VIDEO – What Hillary Called Her Black Servant Should End Her Career!!

Given comments she’s made in the past, no one should be surprised that Hillary Clinton is the true racist, but her liberal fans sure will be though.

Respected chef Tracey Martin has worked for multiple heads of state, and he once served as the Clintons’ traveling chef. In a recent interview, he explains how during an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center, Hillary angrily called a black waiter the “n” word!

And that is just the beginning!

The chef went on to say that Clinton frequently uses the n-word to refer to African Americans.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton drops that smiling politician mask the second she becomes comfortable with you. This time, Hillary was alone with the chef and one other person, and she waited for the waiter to leave before she uttered the highly offensive epithet.

Using this word would usually signal the end of a politician’s career. Instead, it was the chef who got in hot water for exposing Hillary’s racism.

The chef claims his phone was hacked, and his apartment was broken into at 3:00 a.m. immediately after the interview took place. He assumes this was retribution for exposing Hillary.

In addition, the host of the interview, Tom Bauerle, claims his family members started to receive threatening phone calls after the interview took place. He kept a record of the number, which was later reveled by WikiLeaks to be connected to the DNC.

Hillary Clinton has a record of making racist comments — in the 90s while acting as first lady, she appeared on television in support of her husband’s new crime bill. She said that young black kids “are often, the kinds of kids called super predators. No conscious. No empathy…We have to bring them to heel.”

Later, in 2010, Hillary released a video praising former senator Robert Byrd, whom she referred to as her friend and mentor. It is well known that Byrd was a founding member and leader of a chapter of the KKK.

Hillary is not the only Clinton to have been caught making racist remarks. Bill, in 2008, was angered that Obama was out performing his wife and said that Obama should be getting him coffee, insinuating that a black man is incapable of being president.

The American people were keen enough to realize that Clinton, and not Trump, was the true racist running for president. That is why Trump received 33 percent more of the black vote than Mitt Romney in 2012, as the Angry Patriot previously reported. Trump also secured 29 percent of the Hispanic vote.

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