BREAKING: Lt. Col. Allen West Just Issued THIS Warning to Barack Obama

Retired Lt. Colonel Allen West has heard and seen enough. Quite frankly, I could not agree with him more. In fact, it makes me happy we have a mainstream voice sharing our way of thinking.

On his website,, West issued a simple challenge to Barack Obama, “Molon Labe,” or Come and Take It!

West’s commentary in the article is moving. If you are not out of your seat and ready to bear arms after reading the full article, I don’t know how you could consider yourself a patriot.

Some will say West has gone too far. However, I think he hit the nail right on the head. WE THE PEOPLE have tried every way possible to express our opinions, wants, and needs to this tyrannical leader and he waves us off as though he is swatting at a gnat. Barack Obama has dismissed the American citizen’s needs for those of his own. 

Allen finished up his powerful article with what some are saying is a threat. He tells the President to “Stand down.” We don’t see this as a threat, but sound advice.

WE THE PEOPLE have the right to bear arms and we refuse to let Obama take this or any Constitution right away from us. Allen West, we are with you 100 percent and will stand side-by-side with you, just say the word!

Do you like what Allen West has to say? Read more.

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