LOOK at the 1 Thing All of These Famous Assassins Had in Common

Fear for the President-elect’s life is understandable, given the reaction of the liberals upon his victory. Further, a look into famous assassins is troubling…

None of them were conservatives. Most were leftists, who even now continue their tradition of assassination, calling for Trump to fall to the same fate.


Warner Todd Huston, a writer for Constitution, elaborated the differences between how conservatives and liberals act after losing an election.

He mainly focused on apocalyptic mindset many liberals have now that Donald Trump is the incoming President over Hillary Clinton.

In response to Trump’s victory, a lot of liberals are buying guns… despite their “negative” views and calls for anti-gun laws to be put into effect. But the motivation for purchasing guns differs greatly between liberals and conservatives.

When the Democrats were in charge, Republicans armed themselves because they were afraid that guns would be banned. They are buying these guns because they believed that they would soon not be available for purchases under Democrat rule.

But the liberal’s motives are much more sinister. They believe that the hate crimes are going to increase now that Donald Trump is the President-elect, and they want to be prepared for the violence they foresee.

Sure, there have been a lot of “hate crimes,” but many of them have been hoaxes made up by Liberals and Muslims alike who are trying to make the American people look bad. The mainstream media, of course, eats it up.

They want to encourage the division and hysteria that is taking over in this country. Liberals are screaming that terrible things are going to happen at the hands of the conservatives, and yet they’re the ones creating the violence!

These Liberal fools need to calm down before they incite the deeply disturbed among them who are capable of bringing harm to Trump, or anyone else. We do not need more violence and pain right now, we need to come together and get to work!

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