REVEALED: Here’s What Hitler Learned From The Democrats – It’s Horrifying

Over the last century, the Left has infiltrated the institutions that shape public opinion–education, the media, and Hollywood. They’ve used these institutions to rewrite history, burying their sinister past beneath propaganda.

The big lie the Left is intent on hiding, according to Dinesh D’Souza, is that Hitler learned his most potent strategies–strategies that resulted in horrific events–from the Democrat Party of the United States. It was from the Democrats that Hitler learned how to create a progressive racial state. The Democrat legacy is one of racism, oppression, and violence!

Ever since the close of WWII, the Left has worked tirelessly to cover-up the true nature of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, and Europe’s fascist movements. Their goal has been to paint all those tyrants as Right-wing villains–and make the Progressives out to be the good guys.

But factual history tells another story. First off, all the dictatorial systems that made up the Axis Powers, including Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists, were Progressives. Their ideologies were deeply rooted in Leftist Socialism.

Mussolini was a die-hard Marxist. He saw Fascism as the perfect way of implementing Socialism in Italy. And Hitler’s commitment to Socialism was undoubted. He even went so far as to change the name of the German Workers Party to the National Socialist German Workers Party.

But the connection between Hitler and the Democrat Party goes beyond a shared political philosophy. He directly lifted many of his signature policies from America’s Democrat Party. If Hitler had lived in the US, he would have been a Democrat!

First, Hitler was inspired by Jacksonian Democrats’ harsh treatment of Native Americans. He observed the way Democrats forced Indians off their lands and used this to plan out the forced removal of Eastern Europeans, who would then be replaced by the German people.

Hitler acknowledged the Democrat South as inspiration for his ideas for creating a racial state. Democrat policies like the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws provided the precedent for Hitler’s anti-Semitic laws. The parallels are frightening!

Nazi Germany even copied the Democrats’ methods for keeping their society “racially pure.” That includes Southern laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Interestingly, the Democrats’ “one drop rule”–under which anyone with even a drop of African American blood was ineligible to marry a white person–was considered too extreme by the Nazis.

The Nazis performed racial cleansing using the methods of American Democrats. They implemented the sterilization championed by American Progressives like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. And the mass executions carried out by the Nazis were praised by American Leftist eugenicists like Harry Laughlin, whose ideas influenced the President Woodrow Wilson administration. Wilson was a Progressive.

Everything about Nazi Germany was Leftist. There was nothing Right-wing or conservative about Hitler’s statism. Unfortunately, the Left has successfully associated Nazi Germany with the American Right for generations.

It’s up to real Americans to set the record straight whenever brain-dead liberals accuse President Trump of being “fascist” or a “Nazi.” Young people won’t learn the truth is schools. Get the truth out there–and Democrats will forever lose elections.

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