What This Black Man Did to a White College Girl TOTALLY Ignored by Media

We live in a day and age where the word “racism” is thrown around like a game ticket at a local fair. Unfortunately, mainstream media often feeds into this and creates many of the problems we are seeing in this country when it comes to racial issues.

Earlier last year, College.USAToday.com featured a story on a 19-year old white female college student (Lacie LaRose) who was allegedly shot to death while attending a party by a 39-year old black male (Ronald McNeil). Why did this happen? Because McNeil was arguing with someone at the party, which he allegedly crashed by the way, over the rules of a beer pong game!


Why was this story not blasted across mainstream media like the Ronald Johnson case? Why are white on black crimes rammed down our throats for months, years even, while the mainstream media is almost afraid to report crimes like the one committed by McNeil?

A quick glance into McNeil’s past and we find a prior record for both gun and drug charges. This was not exactly a model citizen, yet the story was buried across the United States and disappeared from all outlets within a few days of the incident.

We are not saying all African-American’s are bad people, far from it. Nor are we saying all white American’s are innocent. Again, far from it. What we are saying is that if we truly want to address racism in this country, all crimes and criminals needed to be treated equally, as do the stories by the mainstream media.

When this does not happen, you create a racial divide simply due to the bias. This story is a perfect example. Alternative media outlets reporting this are tagged racist simply because of reporting a story most mainstream media outlets ignored. These are the same outlets that made the Ronald Johnson shooting a lead or front page story!

Our current President, Barack Obama, only makes matters worse because he addresses the nation and asks for police reform when an African American committing a crime is killed yet we did not hear a peep out of the White House when Lacie LaRose was murdered over a game of beer pong.

We need change and we need it now!

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