WATCH – Motivational Speaker Shows EXACTLY What’s Wrong With Young People Today. He’s Right.

This video is something all millennials need to watch and pay attention to because this man provides facts about the way things are going for the younger generation.

Simon Sinek recently talked about millennials in the workplace and how they have a huge sense of entitlement from the way they were raised.

“They were told that they were special all the time. They were told that they can have anything they want in life just because they want it.”

This is not the way the real world works—in the real world, you are not special and you can’t have everything. The world doesn’t see you the way you want to be seen, and often the world is not kind.

Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for things you need versus the things you want in life. Sometimes, you have to live in a terrible apartment and work a terrible job before you can move on up in the world and improve. And these things require work and aren’t handed to you.

This is not want millennials want to hear—they want to “make a difference” and “have an impact” on the world when, really, they’re not doing anything close to that. How are you supposed to make an impact when you’re not doing anything at all?

One thing I don’t agree with Sinek on is how he believes it is the corporations’ job to fix the kids who are messed up from the way their parents raised them, and this isn’t true. That’s what the military is for.

You think you’re hot stuff? You think you know how to handle situations and be an adult? Well, you don’t, but the military will sure as heck teach you. If you come into the military straight out of high school, you grow up real fast. You learn how to be a decent adult in society, yet you still have your safety net.

I also disagree with Sinek’s belief that millennials are the way they are “through no fault of their own,” and it’s because this implies that kids don’t have brains of their own. Everyone makes choices in life, and these choices shape who they are. It’s not just parents that shape you, it’s also your own experiences and how you choose to let them define you.

Sinek has many great points here. It is absolutely true that many millennials feel entitled to their dreams right off the bat. Well, they have to learn you have to work for those dreams and work hard. Otherwise, you’re not going to get them.

Hopefully, millennials will realize what the rest of the functioning world already knows. The world is not your oyster, it’s everyone’s. And those people are your competition for all the dreams you dream of because nine times out of ten, you’re not the only person who’s been told you can have it all. So, get up, work for it, and stop acting as if it and everything else you want from life will just be given to you.

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