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Those who have been at least partially aware of the goings on of the Internet has, no doubt, come across the website, a self-proclaimed “myth-busting” site. At its genesis, Snopes popped the bubbles surrounding urban legends and, at times even provided some accurate insight into the stories behind those urban legends. If nothing else, it was mildly entertaining. That was then.

Chief among the Progressive stalwarts at Snopes is “main political fact-checker,” Kim Lacapria, according to the Daily Caller. Ironically, or not, prior to her position as political fact-checker for Snopes, Lacapria was wrote for the Inquisitr, a blog with less than stellar reputation.

Today, Snopes has turned into a sycophantic political surrogate for the Progressive Left, the Obama Administration, and Hillary Clinton. Fancying itself as a “political fact-checker,” it has become completely unreliable, existing as an excuse making machine for the morally relativistic and a propaganda apparatus fueled by unfounded accusations and political talking points; talking points seemingly crafted and issued directly from the Progressive minions of Chicago.

To say Lacapria exhibited “clear partisanship” while writing for Inquisitr would be to ignore her writing sounded more like that of a Democrat speechwriter than that of an objective journalist.

Lacapria violated the very first rule of journalistic ethics in describing herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. To stake out a position with such fervor is to admit there exists not an objective bone in her body, which, by that very fact, makes her disqualified – ethically – from “fact-checking” anything political.

While with Inquisitr, she routinely disparaged the whole of the TEA Party Movement, calling those who took to the streets to protest over-taxation and over-reaching government as “TEAhadists.” Lacapria’s comparison of the TEA Party to the fascists of Islam, of course, is a signature trait of the caustically Left.

Aside from fawning over the presidency of Bill Clinton, whose only two real achievements were pretending the financial surplus created by the ending of the Cold War was somehow his economic genius, and escaping impeachment for perjuring himself, Lacapria blindly regurgitated the Progressive talking points of welfare fraud:

“Like many GOP ideas about the poor, the panic about using food stamps for alcohol, pornography or guns seems to have been cut from whole cloth – or more likely, the ideas many have about the fantasy of poverty.”

It would appear the future “fact-checker” missed the Congressional Budget Office and General Accounting Office reports on the cost of welfare fraud. In food stamp and EBT card fraud alone, the US government is scammed out of tens of millions of dollars – if not hundreds of millions – annually. That’s a pretty big “fact” to miss for a “fact-checker.”

Exposing her frothing-at-the-mouth hatred for Republicans and Conservatives, Lacapria went so far as to accuse the Bush administration of “criminal negligence” in the September 11, 2001, attacks. Of course, she provided no evidence to support her accusation, a typical tactic of those Progressives who manufacture false narratives and deceptive memes to advance the Leftist cause.

Lacapria has manufactured, nuanced, and spun facts about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, Omar Mateem not “really being” a Democrat despite his official party registration, and Facebook being an above-board and non-manipulative news source.

But Lacapria simply joins the very small crew at Snopes who have existed as bias from the start. David and Barbara Mikkelson, the founders and proprietors of Snopes, have been found on many occasions to have “erred” on the side of the truth best benefiting the Left’s narrative on issues. The very fact the website quotes heavily from the self-identified Left-leaning New York Times illustrates an out-of-the-box bias from the start.

To wit, just as with any online “resource,” you should do your own homework when it comes to fact-checking. Most often it isn’t that hard to divine the truth and you will be better informed with first-source information for doing so. In a world where everyone believes their opinions to be valid, all of us are forced to do our due diligence in the quest for the truth.

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