BREAKING – We Now Know WHO Is Behind the Effort to BLOCK Trump’s Refugee Order

Once again, the corrupt Democrats are trying to stop Donald Trump from improving this country. And one man is behind it all.

George Soros is backing the immigration lawyers who filed a lawsuit against the executive order signed by Donald Trump, which has halted immigration from specific nations. (via Breitbart)

The order halted visas for 90 days for both “immigrants and non-immigrants” from the following list of countries: Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Libya.

It also halts the entry of refugees for 120 days, blocks refugees from Syria indefinitely, and lowers the yearly amount of refugees allowed into our country to 50,000. While the pause is in place, Trump’s administration will be working on a better vetting system for immigration.

Many are filing lawsuits against this executive order. For example, one lawyer is representing Iraqi refugees who were held at the Kennedy International Airport. They wanted their clients released and also want to represent others who are being detained “unlawfully.”

These lawsuits have been filed by lawyers from various organizations, including the International Refugee Assistance Project, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Immigration Law Center, the International Refugee Assistance Project (formerly Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project) from the Urban Justice Center, and the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization from Yale Law School.

And many of these organizations are funded by George Soros. The ACLU is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. In 2014 alone, they gave the ACLU a grant of $50 million. All of the other organizations have received several Open Society donations.

Another connection is Taryn Higashi, who is a director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, and is on the advisory board for one of Soros’ Open Society Foundations– the International Migration Initiative.

Soros, a huge open borders supporter, has given millions to immigrant causes, and heavily influenced Obama’s immigration policies. Leaked Open Society documents revealed that Soros sent Obama a personal letter on the issue of accepting more refugees.

Obama increased the amount of refugees allowed into the US yearly to 100,000. George Soros, and Obama’s compliance to his wishes, have flooded our country with illegals and refugees who put our nation in danger.

This executive order goes against everything that Soros has been working for. He wants to dismantle this country and create a world without borders. So, now Soros is trying to prevent Trump’s order from taking effect, by channeling his money into the organizations who are throwing lawsuits at Trump’s administration. Who knows, he may have even ordered them to put forth the suits in the first place.

But, Soros will not succeed, not as long as the American people are able to stand up against him. Trump is doing what is best for this country, and we need to support him in any way we can.

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