Whoopi Goldberg Says Ben Carson is Racist. What’s YOUR Response?

The Democrats and their liberal supporters are hypocrites, especially when it comes to race. Whoopi Goldberg’s latest comment is all the proof you’ll ever need.

Democrats have been attacking Dr. Ben Carson for comparing slaves, who were captured and forced to come to America, to willing immigrants, but Obama has said the same thing many times.

Whoopi Goldberg is a fool who should not be allowed on television any longer. Her comments throughout her years on The View started as foolish and have become ridiculous.

No matter if you were a willing immigrant or a slave, you are technically an immigrant if you came to this country from another.

It was shocking to see how many black celebrities and personalities fell over themselves after Carson made these comments. They were obviously just looking for something to be upset about.

It was especially shocking considering that, according to The Federalist, Obama has referred to slaves as immigrants on 11 different occasions.

Democrats and liberals did not make even a tiny fuss about Obama’s characterization of slaves. It just shows how liberals are happy to jump on the bandwagon and stand against any policies or comments Republicans make, no matter if they actually disagree with the idea.

This sort of thinking is why the Democrat Party is in ruins and may never recover. Trump supporters want honesty — you can tell by the man we put in the Oval Office.

As for Whoopi Goldberg, she could be off television very soon as the ratings for The View have been plummeting due to their biased and uninformed opinions.

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