WATCH – Trump Explains Why He Ran For President In Viral Video Clip – It’s AMAZING

Donald Trump has always been a man on a mission. He has flirted with running for President of the United States for many years, and many believed he would eventually run. While Hillary Clinton has actually prepared for most of her life to be president, was she actually “called” to do it?

As the election wore on before reaching its conclusion earlier this month, it became increasingly obvious she wasn’t called to do it and she would be disastrous to do it. Donald Trump, on the other hand, felt compelled by some unforeseen force to run for President of the United States, and he decided to take on the GOP establishment and jump into the fray.

Why did he decide to do it? What was it that made him decide it was his time to make a bid for the highest office in the land?

Whether you liked Donald Trump or not, the fact remains he is first and foremost an American. While the GOP and then Hillary loved to talk about how terrible and “extremist” he was, he was able to touch on the current public mood.

One thing should be immediately clear: we have a president who loves his country. He saw the dire straights we were in, and he couldn’t remain silent any longer.

Donald Trump is a man who employs people. Thus, he knows that Americans need to be put to work in order for our economy to be strengthened and to Make America Great Again. There is no doubt he looked at some of the current statistics and was alarmed by what he saw.

A record number of people out of work, coupled with the highest amount of Americans on food stamps prompted him to act. Because despite what many will claim about Donald Trump, there is one major thing about his character that makes him the right person at the right time for this job:

Donald Trump is the epitome of a Good Samaritan. When he sees a crisis developing, he will intervene.

He has done it countless times for those he comes into contact with, and it illustrates the true nature of this man. He decided he wanted to be our next president because he wanted to help our country.

Yes, Donald Trump truly made history. He did so in more ways than one.

In a sense, we not only have our first president who has never held elected office before, but we also have our first “Good Samaritan” president as well!

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