WATCH: Wikileaks Founder Just Exposed Hillary’s Dirty Secret – Total Media Blackout

Democrats have proven time and time again that they couldn’t care less about the American people. Instead of trying to enrich the communities they live in and touching base with the folks who MIGHT vote them in, they would rather run their campaigns on fake news and their hatred of President Trump.

A meeting with Julian Assange revealed some crucial information that the Patriots of this country need to hear. Hillary Clinton is one of the main criminals who tried to run on the premise of hating Trump in place of having a political message with any real meaning; we know that already. However, Assange dropped a bombshell when he revealed that “Hillary Clinton has done quite well strategically to try and draw a connection between Trump and Russia because she has so many connections of her own.”

The founder of Wikileaks continued by explaining that after investigating the 2016 election first hand he did not discover a single tie between Trump and Russia. In other words, the Left is going to whine and screech “WIKILEAKS AND RUSSIA ARE THE SAME THING,” because Wikileaks doesn’t side with them.

Liberals don’t need facts to make such a bold claim, and you better believe them, unless you want to be labeled a racist. Dems honestly believe that they can say and do whatever they want because they have moral superiority. Little do they know that everyone else just sees them as a pathetic joke.

Assange went into further detail though — for our Liberal friends, these details are called “facts” — that show the clear connection between Hillary and Russia. Clinton worked with Russia to develop the Uranium One Deal.

This deal occurred when Clinton’s State Department gave a RUSSIAN COMPANY control over 20% of America’s Uranium production capacity for — get this — a $1,000,000 donation. Yet, Trump is colluding with Russia? Right.

Uranium One started in Canada and was slowly sold off to the Russians between 2009 and 2013. Their plan was to take full control over the American Uranium production. Clinton worked closely with the Russians to make sure that everyone was happy with this deal, mafia style.

The New York Times shockingly, or perhaps not-so-shockingly, reports that Hillary Clinton was the only American on board with this deal who PERSONALLY benefited from the exchange. It only gets better from here. So, since 2008, multiple people involved with the Uranium One deal ended up donating a combined total of $145 MILLION to the Clinton Foundation.

There was another occurrence back in 2005 when Frank Giustra, the CEO of the not-yet-developed Uranium One, went on a trip with Bill Clinton to Kazakhstan. Giustra’s mining company ended up winning access to a major Uranium reserve mere days after the visit.

Obviously, the Clintons are filthy rich. However, there is no doubt that both Hillary and Bill’s relationship with the Russians helped increase their money substantially. The big question is, why is the mainstream media silent about this blatantly OBVIOUS collusion? The simple answer is this — they had to spend all of those funds from Russia somewhere, right?

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