POLL: How Do You Rate Trump’s Presidency?

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Thanks to eight years of Obama, the 2016 presidential campaign revealed the deep divides in the American populace. President Trump swept the electoral college, but liberals still complain about the election.

The Rasmussen Report is a highly respected polling group who maintains a daily tracker for presidential job performance. According to their polls, President Trump is currently enjoying a 50 percent approval rating. (via Rasmussen)

A 50 percent approval rating is high, especially considering the consistent attacks directed against President Trump by the mainstream media. Thanks to Obama, the country is still divided, but Trump is fixing that.

Rasmussen was the second most accurate pollster during the 2016 election. IBD/TIPP Tracking was more accurate, but they do not track approval ratings.

Rasmussen was accurate because they ignored the false narrative presented by the mainstream media, who claimed Clinton had a 98 percent chance of winning the election. By focusing on the issues and not the narrative, Rasmussen was able to predict the outcome correctly. (via Rasmussen)

The media focused on the supposed character flaws of Donald Trump, even though 62 percent of voters view policy as more important. The elitist mainstream media desired a Clinton victory. They knew she was lacking in the policy department, so the focus was shifted to “temperament.” The mainstream media is shameless!

President Trump tramples political correctness, and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. He is willing to say what we all are thinking, and support his words with meaningful deeds.

Yet, ultimately, it is the policy that truly counts, and President Trump shines in this department. He has loaded his cabinet with extremely gifted individuals, and he has appointed a Supreme Court Justice who can be relied upon to uphold the law of the land.

President Trump sided with the majority of Americans on economic issues. A whopping 83 percent agree with President Trump’s message to buy American products, and most think the government should do more to protect domestic industries. 63 percent of likely voters believe the economy is unfair for the middle class, and President Trump promised real change.

However, the legacy of Barack Obama was pivotal in the last election. 62 percent of voters think we spend too much on healthcare, and many want a full repeal of Obamacare. President Trump sided with us, and rejected the bloated healthcare bill. Additionally, the majority of Americans opposed Obama’s plan to import Syrian migrants, and even more think we could be more aggressive in deporting illegal aliens.

While only three months into his first term, President Trump has already proven that he intends to keep all of his promises.

While the media may slander the president in an attempt to divide us, and majority of Americans support President Trump’s policy ambitions. If he continues on his current path his approval ratings will continue to climb. We support you, President Trump.

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