BOMBSHELL LETTER: Dems Openly Colluded With Russian Spies to Steal White House

Tell the desperate liberals that we finally have a proven case of an American political party colluding with Russia to defeat a presidential candidate. It’s just not the party they think it is.

In 1984, Ted Kennedy was desperate to stop Ronald Reagan, so he asked the Soviets for help! Thankfully, it didn’t work (via The Daily Signal).


Kennedy enlisted a close friend to fly over to the Soviet Union. That friend was John Tunney, former Democrat Senator from California.

Tunney arranged a deal that was not some simple exchange of information but was open collusion–even treason. Kennedy promised to help Russia with Reagan if the Soviets would help Kennedy with Reagan (via American Thinker).

He envisioned a series of interviews to be broadcast on television, that would pose as the American news media “discovering” that the Soviets actually had no bad intentions for America.

The use of news media to propagate a lie is sounding all too familiar to today’s Democrats, who essentially use the news media as a wing of their party.

None of this was discovered until 2010, a year after Ted Kennedy’s death. The Russian government released letters about the plan, among various other historical documents.

Kennedy had already been branded a Democrat hero before this came out. If you ask liberals, it sounds like no one has changed their mind. They should be outraged that their hero would even consider partnering with a foreign country to undermine a President and political rival. Aren’t we Americans first?

The truth is, Democrats have been Democrats-first for a long time. They want power at any cost, including at the expense of destroying America as we know it. This nonsense Democrats are pushing about Russia is not really a grave concern for them.

They don’t care about the ethical concerns of colluding with Russia. Just ask any liberal for their opinion of Ted Kennedy. Suddenly Russian collusion won’t be a huge issue.

No, liberals are interested in manufacturing this Russia lie and using it as a tool to destroy President Trump. They are hypocrites who don’t actually care about this country.

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